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Finally a Type Cover 2 Owner


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So after much hesitance and research I finally bought a type cover 2. I was awaiting the arrival of the power cover since I have the surface pro 2 and thought the extra battery would be great but seeing as how the power cover would add extra weight and not be backlight that kind of led me away from the power cover.

So that being said any tips or tricks on the Type Cover 2 that I should be aware of. I like to utilize the most out of my products :big smile:
No tips I know of.

When I purchased my surface Pro 2, I purchased the Type Cover 2 as well, but for whatever reason the original was delivered....I didn't notice until recently (having not seen either previously).

I'd be interested to know if there was much improvement over the original (if you have experience with it).
I actually had a touch cover before I got this type cover. I don't know about weather or not there is much improvement but I can tell you two things

1) the type cover two is has back light. This may not seem like much but its actually awesome and I love it, maybe I'm just so happy to have keys that click for once.

2) There seems to be a lot of complaints about the track pad on the type cover two. The type cover 2 had its track pad changed to match one like the kind the touch covers used, as people said they preferred that one over the one the original type cover had. Now I don't know how bad the track pad was on the original type cover but I do know this. I've heard way more complains about the track pad on type cover 2 than I heard complaints about the track pad on the original type cover.
Yeah I liked the first type cover better. But now my kid has it and won't trade (smart kid). I make a lot more typing mistakes on this version 2.