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Finger tap only does right click on SP3 W10


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Hey all, a new SP3 owner here. I barely got the SP3 in my hands before updating it to W10 the other day. I'm having one very annoying issue and that's with using the screen as a touchscreen with my fingers - my finger will only ever perform right clicks, not left clicks.

So if I tap an app icon on the taskbar, instead of opening or going to that app, it behaves like a right click, opening up a menu. If I take the white space of a webpage, it opens up a menu also.

I never used my surface with Windows 8, so I'm not sure if I was an issue before, but this is incredibly annoying. Anyone else experienced this?


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This was a known issue with previous builds of W10, but from my own experience was supposedly sorted a while back.

Does it always right click, every single time, regardless of restarts etc? When I was having this issue I found that it would often need a restart, or I could mash the screen with a handful of finger combinations and such and it would force it back to normal for the time being.