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First Surface Pro Questions/Issues


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Good day all,

I bought my first Surface Pro the other day when I was finnally in the market for a tablet, it is a SP3 with an i5 and 8gbs of ram. Bought it used on Ebay as it looked like it had loss of power on an update and was not loading to Windows. I Bought it and fixed it with a reinstall of Windows. Now I have been using it for awhile and have found a few issues with it. It gets really hot when it gets under 35% to 40% of CPU uisage which with it only being a dual core i5 it is there almost all of the time. I also found that when watching 1440p contecnt on Youtube the CPU usage goes to 50% - 60% and 80% - 90% on 4k. My question is if it is worth taking it apart and swapping out the thermal compound/cleaning any dust etc., or should I look at getting either an i7 version of the SP3 or an i5 version of the SP4? I am aware that you have to take the whole screen off to get to the inside and that it is not super easy.Another question is if there are alternative options to getting some better optimization like if I were to be using a youtube app on a phone or tablet?


It generally is a bad idea to try and disassemble any Surface, even if you are fairly experienced. In general for things like YouTube Chrome is a lot better than other browsers.
Getting an SP4 or later is entirely your decision. I personally would shell out on a SP3 due to it being relatively old now. YMMV