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Solved Fixed a Bluetooth/Detachable Screen for 2015/16 Surface Book


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I got a message saying there was a problem with the detachable screen. Before this, my Surface Mouse was no longer working.

The message was: Surface Detach: Hardware Failure

Finding this forum and registering, I seem to have solved both problems.

One person said in addition to cleaning the pegs and connector on the detachable screen, he removed the BT devices and reinstalled them.

I did this and then realised I had no way of getting back into Settings etc, other than via my Universal Mobile Keyboard or maybe the Surface Pen.

I cleaned the connectors and peg, then rebooted the Surface Book.

It seems just the cleaning enabled not only the detachable screen, but also my BT Mouse.

A valuable lesson learned for a retired bloke on his 70s who has been losing his ICT skills.

This site has been a good source of advice.


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Thanks for posting, and congratulations for finding the remedy.

The connectors are prone to attracting debris. They are in the vicinity of magnets, and become magnetized themselves, which attracts very small metal fibers and shavings. The individual connectors can also glaze over with an invisible patina coating, causing connections not to be made or be weak. The inside of the ports can collect debris also.

I went through about three months of maddening connection problems of my screen (clipboard) to keyboard (base) on a Surface Book 2. Turned out that a tiny sliver of adhesive from the vinyl skin I had applied months before found its way to impede a connector. A careful alcohol wipe solved the problems in an instant.

Your post, @OgerRonesJ, will probably help others. That is the very reason for this forum.


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Thanks for your reply and kind words. I'm largely self-taught, helped by the transformational arrival of the PC in the early 1980s. I could see how it could help me in my work as a management accountant at the time. My first work PC was the original IBM PC: 640k RAM, two floppy disk dives, no HDD, mono screen DOS2.0.
I later went on a couple of PC workshops and volunteered to take a sideways transfer as work to focus on user support for a couple of years in a large utility.
That was of huge benefit from 1997 when I started working on projects in developing countries, from Afghanistan to Zambia. One had to be self-sufficient to survive.
Some users and bosses expect perfection, and cannot help themselves.
This latest incident experience has renewed my interest.


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I spoke too soon, the icon on the task bar still says Surface Detach: Hardware Failure!

Functionality still seems OK. mouse still working. Maybe I need to get some alcohol cleaner to do a better clean.

Any advice on how to apply the cleaner, with cotton buds?