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Huge bug with detaching, main battery and charging + ghost touch as a bonus


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Hi guys,

I have several problems with surface book 2 13,5

It's 1,5 month old. i experience several serious bugs:

1) Ghost touches on touchscreen (they appear on upper left side, all the time in one place... like someone is trying to touch that place several times at once) - after i turned off all touch screen drivers (there were 2 of them in device manager) problem disappeared... but... it's sad, that i can't use one of the main thing of this device... any ideas?

2) Later i i've started to experience lags with charging: device showing a notification that it's detached and auto-rotation is on - and it thinks it's not docked to base so it's not charging... I've turned off auto-rotating thing... but still almost every 10-15 seconds it "phantomly detaches" itself (although its attached well)... at the same time mouse lags... it drives me crazy :( Please don't tell me that i need to clean the connectors (i've done it several times and that didn't work) + i've done full reset (didn't work) + i've downgraded from 1903 to 1709 (same problem)

Funny thing is that it charges normally when it's turned off or on UEFI screen or while it's installing windows/resetting it.

Do you have any ideas?
You have obviously tried several things. It sounds like your Surface Book 2 13.5" is faulty. I'm sure you don't want to hear that.

Check the pins of the connector with a bright light. Another member found two bent pins there causing similar troubles.

Regarding the ghost touches, do you see any warp in your screen? Could it be electromagnetic interference around the area you are using your Surface? Do the ghost touches occur when you move the Surface to another location?