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Fold back the Type Cover

Sorry for the silly question! But in which ways you can flip the type cover 2? I saw some Videos where People flip it 180° so that the keys are on the back and where they attached the cover reversed so that the keys are on the inside. Is the type cover made for this modes?
(Sorry for my bad english, but i hope you understand what i mean!)
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yes it is totally made to do this, when folded back it even knows so that the keys become locked and unusable so as to not mistakenly type garbled stuff or open something by accident... very good little keyboard and luv my touch/type cover, I don't leave home without it LOL


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Yep, you can use the type cover in one of two ways when in tablet mode:

1. leave it on as normal and just fold it all the way back, the keys remain exposed but are disabled.
2. take it off and put it on backwards so you have tablet mode without keys being exposed.

Either way works.