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Booting to UEFI after a period of being shut down


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As the title suggests, my Surface pro, after being shut down for a period of about 30 minutes or longer will boot straight to the UEFI screen. If I press the exit button on the UEFI screen it will just keep booting back to the UEFI screen.

Now here is the major difference to other people who suffer a similar thing; If I press the power button when it's on the UEFI screen the device switches off, and pressing it again will boot it normally - no issue, no problem whatsoever.

Also if I shutdown for a short period of time (<30 minutes) it will boot just fine, no issues. Resuming from sleep works fine too.

This doesn't sound like the usual "Your ssd is messed up" type thing, as by following the above procedure everything seems absolutely normal. Any ideas?