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frozen after most recent automatic update


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I had the same problems this morning when I got up. There were a number of Windows updates that needed to be installed, and a dozen or so for Apps from the Microsoft Store that I had been trying to update for several days, and last night the device froze while I was attempting this process once again. I left it on overnight and this morning I could pretty much only turn it on and off. I did try the PC refresh and was told that there was not enough room on my hard drive and to remove some files before continuing. However I didn't see any advice from them as to how I was supposed to remove some files on a device that would only show me the start screen and nothing else. I did all the troubleshooting that Microsoft advised, and finally took it into the Microsoft Store here in Seattle. One hour later I walked out of the store with a new replacement Surface RT device. I felt lucky in a way, because I had only a small number of files on it, and none that couldn't be replaced. I hate to generalize, but it may be for those of you that can't get anything to work no matter what you try, you might have to do the same thing and get it replaced.