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surface book keeps hanging


Sudden freezes are likely HW issues. No software patches are not going to work. Send it back now, it's basically a very useless and expensive lump of metal and glass. I had to send my i7/8GB/256GB and get a replacement unit, which has been working just fine!


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Yes, I was the second poster in this thread and got my my exchanged SB back two days ago. I was disgusted with my original SB out of the
box--constant freezing rendering it useless. After hassleing with MS for quite a while on the phone they seemingly reluctantly
agreed to send me an RMA/shipping label. I returned it the day after I got it (6-7 days ago) and like I said, they returned a new one
the other day after also having received several emails and one phone call from them. This alone amazed me--I figured I'd probably just
receive my old unit back from their Texas facility after having sat around a few weeks w/o even being looked at.

My exchanged machine seems also to be fine--zero freezes and only a couple of BSODs and display driver errors the past 1-2 days.
Of course, in the interim there have also been some firmware and other updates, so who knows? I just had the unsubstantiated
feeling that my original unit had hw issues though. Although the serial number was quite a bit higher than my original unit I was
initially dismayed to see the lot number on the new one was the same: 1451. But like I say, no real issues.

GL to everyone--this machine is really nice when it works! I hope they get the dock issues straightened out--I want to get one!