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Frustrated so far with 8.1 on my Pro


Like many, I've been eagerly awaiting the 8.1 upgrade for my Pro. Not because it wasn't working well (it was working VERY well) but because so many of the new features are so great.

So Friday morning I updated to 8.1 and it has been SO frustrating so far. The new tiles sizes and customizations and new features are fantastic. I REALLY like 8.1s design. But my Pro can't seem hold a WiFi signal for more than about 3 minutes. Even when I do manage to get connected, its weak. It takes ages to load anything online. On Windows 8 browsing was like lightning. I'm so frustrated with it.

Also, not 5 minutes ago, I attached my Type Cover, and the Surface randomly rebooted.

I tried a Refresh, it helped a little. But right now this is borderline unusable. I guess I could roll back to 8, but that would be really disappointing.

Anyone else having similar issues? Can anyone help me out?
There are a number of other Pro-wifi threads around. The common theme is potential interference from a bluetooth device; disable that and your bluetooth device(s), and see if it works. As for random reboots... Yeah, that's very odd.

Microsoft just today pulled the 8.1 RT update from the store due to stability issues, so I wonder if there's anything going on with the full version; given the lack of news on that, perhaps not.
I got nuthin'. For a general "system instability" issue, and considering you tried a refresh, the next step is a reset. That's pretty drastic (depending on just how far you tweaked and stuffed the device). Otherwise you might try calling MS support; one advantage of that is that any 8.1 upgrade issues are entered into their system for tracking. I have no doubt the statistical population significance for the 8.1 RT upgrade failure had to do with a lot of questions/complaints on the MS answer board and to their tech support.
I think a few people have been having issue with 8.1 and apparently there is an issue. I am not really having any problems, but I will probably do a fresh re-install of windows 8.1 once they release the update back on the win store