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Hey everyone.

I'm using a Surface RT with the TypeCover, and I've got a question about the function keys. Is their any way to make their primary functions F1 - F12 like they are on normal keyboards, rather than the functions Microsoft has assigned to them (Volume, play/pause, and charms bar functions). I tend to use the F# keys a lot for help, refresh, full screen, etc. a lot more than I use them to control volume or access the charms bar functions, and I'd rather not have to hold down FN for all that. Is there any way to change that? An FN Lock feature maybe?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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I don't know how to don't know how to do it for sure but I suspect a regedit should accomplish what you want.


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I don't really want to mess around with the registry unless it's a super simple change. So there's really no other way to change that?


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Any way to update type keyboard to default to Function keys (F1-12 keys)

I do a lot of development work and I constantly use the Function keys (ones labeled F1 - F12). I love the type keyboard except for two things... First, the arrow keys are WAY too small but it's a compromise I am willing to live with. The other is the function keys and having to use two key presses to do what I normally would use 1. Any idea to change the default behavior of this keyboard? I tried looking in control panel and settings and to no avail. Any help would be great. Worst case, I will need to use an external keyboard but I want to try to avoid that. Any help would be much appreciated!


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One of the primary reasons for using the Surface Pro was to run an older keyboard driven application, which requires frequent F key usage. Hopefully there's a fix shortly to reverse the fn function, as on all other Microsoft keyboards that offer a fn fkey lock.

The Surface Pro web site discusses using the Fkey Lock, but as others, I have been unable to find any solution to this.


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Speaking of keys on the Type KB, I'd also have liked that the "Enter" key was a bit bigger. But then again, this is really a portable KB, so I am learning to live with it.


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I'm a software developer and use Visual Studio, the F-keys are very important, CTRL-F5 is one of the most useful, but the Fn key just makes it annoying on the Surface kb. It looks possible to re-map the keys in the registry, but so far I haven't found anyone that's done it on the Surface. I'm going to continue researching and will do it myself if I can identify the key code mappings, if I do, I'll post it in here.
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I have the same issue and was on chat with MS for some time. When she finally figured out what I wanted she had to go ck w/ someone else. I was told that there is no way to reverse the function keys so you have to hit the FN key first each time. I have to connect a wireless keyboard when I'm using my medical software when I use my SP. I'm hoping that they can fix it, but I don't have my hopes up.


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I can't believe it's not a setting in the firmware (BIOS). Having to "hack" the registry to re-map key codes is a poor solution to something MS should have considered and implemented before releasing it.