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Game and other apps not working. Suggestions?


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SP Pro 2018 / i5 / 8m / 128ssd / 2 in 1

I am realizing what a huuuge mistake I've made not buying an Apple (iOS) device. I have had this SP (Windows 10) for only three weeks (Best Buy won't take it back) and I have spent more time problem solving than using it - and this is no exaggeration. Took 6 days and a visit to a BB tech before it would even get past a black screen when trying to log in. Geeze!

I have downloaded and installed games - and a few more operational apps (of which you do not have to deal with on Apple because they are standard ops on iOS).

Downloaded and installed game (G5 Lost Land) from the Microsoft Store.
Per the store's review, games are compatible with my PC (all green checks).
Game would open when first installed but did not launch intro graphics. It just froze on opening page.
After much research, the following sequence was suggested:
Settings / Install any system updates / Restart
Settings / Apps & Features / open game app / Advanced / Reset

Game opened and played and I thought the issue was resolved.
However, once you close the game, shutdown or sleep, the game will open to 'resume game' and run the intro graphics video but then do nothing on the menu page. Graphics are moving in the background but the "Play", "Options", "Extras", etc, are frozen.
I have gone thru the previous sequence again, it worked once but not the past several attempts.
I have also tried uninstalling/reinstalling, accessing the game via Tablet and Laptop modes.

DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT TO DO? (I mean other than tossing this thing into traffic and mourning the $1,000 down the drain.)

ALSO, has anyone had luck with games working that are downloaded directly from game websites like Big Fish, etc?

And games.... Took almost 40 mins to install (each time!) vs less than 2 mins on iOS....just say'n...