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Game price drops - like appshopper which is on IOS? And Steam games...


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So, any sites or apps you like or know, that notifies you of daily price drops or sales on W8 store apps?

I forked out $5 for Angry Birds Star Wars, so I had at least one decent game, but I'm missing:

1. The volume of apps and
2. The daily app sales where you can pick up a bargain, and the dev can get a surge in sales

Secondly, I bought Age of Empires 2 HD on Steam, which is just brilliant, runs smmothly and is a great blast from the past.
Any other great games like this others are playing, as the App Store is scantilly clad at present, real games like this might be the go for a while

Anyone know how I can pin Age of Empires to the Metro interface?

Thanks but that doesn't show up in the Australian store?

Also surely someone else has something to say on the rest?
It didn't show up on my local store either, but it's quite easy to temporarily change it. Just go through control panel, clock/language/region, then change region to USA or something. It's simple to change it back again if you want.
Great game that you have post it here. I have watched. Its great.