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Games on the Pro - Please post experiences here.


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Have been checking out my pile of Steam games. So far Warlock Master of the Arcane, Dungeon Defenders. Walking Dead all work great. I found that the first time I run them it is wonky but then if I have it recheck the local cache, there are always 1-2 files not right and once they are fixed it is fine. Borderlands 2 works amazingly well, just have the not full screen issue. Arkham City also runs although gets pretty laggy. Want to test Guild Wars 2 although I suspect that will be a tall order.

Overall I am very surprised at the power of this thing. I doubted that newer, graphically intense titles would be an option but so far so good!


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Ive downloaded some games such as WoW and football manager 2013 but the Pro is getting quite warm at the back, is it safe enough to keep running these games and not damage anything?


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I can confirm that ePSXe and several PS1 games work without a hitch. I created the ISO from the original games to test, and so far Metal Gear and Vagrant Story play great on it. I have the PS3 controller setup via Bluetooth.

I have installed the newest version of PCSX as well, but I have to create an ISO of a game to test it, so far the emulator runs without issue, though.

I now have NES, SNES, PSX and PS2 setup. This is turning out to be a sweet on the go vintage gaming machine!


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I have personally tried Devil May Cry, works very well at 720p res, also tried Need for Speed: Most Wanted, also works well at 720p res. And my favourite Path of Exile works very well also at 720 with all settings to low, but at 60fps =). Going to install Civ5 later on cus i heard it has touch update and ill keep trying other games.


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W2 starts in a TINY screen. It's like 2 inches by 2 inches! I installed and played warcraft 2 when I first got my surface and it worked great, but now there is nothing I can do about it! I've tried messing with the DPI settings, compatibility troubleshooter...

Any ideas? When I take a screenshot it looks like it's full screen! So obviously the game, or Windows, completely disables the surrounding 90% of the screen.


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Just tried that, as soon as it launches it reverts to the tiny screen. I know this can work- it did for the first week!

The weird thing is that even when I change the DPI settings, it will err in the ways described above (only show a part of the screen, etc...) but all of that will STILL be in the tiny screen. So I'll only be able to see a quarter of the game, and in the tiny screen to boot. No matter what I do, it just keeps going to the tiny screen mode.


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I wanted to test out a graphics intensive game on the SPro... DmC: Devil May Cry

it works!... but had to drop the rez to 1280x768 to keep things fairly smooth.

Here's a quick vid clip of some gameplay.... (sorry i forgot to turn up the volume, so it's a little low)

I installed the same game and it runs well... but it doesnt fill the whole screen. How did you get it to do true fullscreen at a resolution under 1080p? Havent been able to get it to work like you did. =( with ANY game i might add =/
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