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PLEASE- post your serial numbers here!


SP3 i5, 256.
Serial Number: 008541342xxx
Lot No: 1423
Not sure about country, I bought it from Iran via third party resellers, and I don't know where they bought this Surface.


SP3 i5 128GB
Lot 1438
I'm in South Africa but my good friend bought it last weekend in San Fran at the MS Store :)
Everything seems perfect so far. Day 1 ....

Ford Prefect

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1. i7-512 GB

2. 043517142XXX.

3. LOT NO./DATE. 1429

4. US


1. i7-256 GB

2. 066054742XXX.

3. LOT NO./DATE. 1429

4. US

yay data.
Lot 1439

This is the first one that's had no issues... almost zero backlight bleeding, chassis/glass is set perfectly (glass isn't depressed/chassis isn't raised and jagged), zero hint of hazy yellow line, and even the kickstand is stiffer. Think they're getting better at this :)