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Surface RT 2012 Games Help Please


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Good morning everyone,

New guy here, so please forgive me if I've accidently posted in the wrong place.

Back in 2012 (I best think it was), I purchased a Windows Surface RT (gen 1).

Had a number of games, approx descriptions below, installed onto the device, Would dearly love to get them back.

I don't expect anyone to remember exact names of these games, below (but if by some miracle anyone does.......big smiles!!)....If any knows how / where I can "search" or further make inquires (for Surface games that were available in 2012), for these games, I would be in your debt.

Okay, here we go {smile}.....

* First game, I'm fairly certain, had the word "adventure" or "adventures" in the title, and you rode a bicycle, which you could upgrade, but you could ride on fences, on the foothpath, and even jump ramps over (and sometimes landing in) swimming pools.

* Next, in sort of cubes, you could jump onto different cubes / tiles, and the gravity would change, but you ever fell off

* Last, maybe "luge" ?? game, where you rode a skateboard I think, and were low to the ground, and went on downhill races, against others, along curvy / bendy roads. You could hit cracks in the roads, rocks, edge of hill, etc

Any and all advice GREATLY appreciated.

Please all, have a lovely day,