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Hello everybody,
I decided to buy a surface pro 4 today. I will be using this device mainly for school assignments. I have a question, i am a big fan of pc games and i was wondering if we can download and buy games from steam and if we do how? And what games can we buy. I am a big fan of civilization and age of empires games.
Thanks for any information.


Just like you would on a regular PC.
Go to steam, download and sign in and pick the games you want and your pretty much done, not sure how well those games play but the majority will on low to medium settings depending on what SP4 model you have.


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Steam will run on the surface pro just like it does on any other PC. I can play x-com, civ5, torchlight 2, etc on my pro ONE, so the SP4 should have no problem with games like that. You can really crank down the resolution if you use the small screen of the pro, it's not being displayed on a 28" HD monitor :)


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I used to play games like Skyrim/Fallout New Vegas + couple MMO's like EVE Online and World of Tanks on Surface Pro 3, so SP4 shouldn't have problems running more complex games too- just as Jason mentioned- turn to lower resolution and you should be fine


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Is there a big difference from the i5 processor and the m3? Because the difference in price is only 100 but if it makes a big difference i will be returning my surface and getting the i5