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gaming with 256gb SP2 model low mem


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The problem is when I play dead space I'll get a pop window saying I have low memory
And will lose memory if I don't close it, I have 8 gb of ram and 122gb of ssd left, is it my Sp2 or is it the game? Thx
Most of the time you can just cancel that prompt out and be fine. You're not actually running out really. Its the way the pro shares its virtual memory or something of the sort. With your model, you are more than fine. I have this happen at times with me pro1 with 4gb of ram. Especially if I play a long session of Crisis 2. I've had the game do the same thing. It even shut itself down a couple times. I usually run it at 720p resolution. Its a very demanding game so I'm sure I do actually get close to running out..lol especially since I have HD textures on. Sometimes putting it in windows mode for a lil will clear it up. Then go back to full screen.

I hope a update gets released to address this. The guy who does all the surface pro1 and 2 gaming videos had same issue playing the new Batman. He actually hit up MS about it. Check out his video. He details it in there.

Batman Origins

Battlefield 4
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Thanks for the info demandarin, I hope this is fixed, but right now it's not bugging my game play, I was just worried my SP2 was mess up, thanks for helping again.
From my experience serviceing micro computers for over 30 years, I always recommend a power down and reboot to flush stranded memory that didn't get released back for availability for use by other applications. Like demandarin said, you can normally just ignore the message but it doen't hurt to flush memory (reboot) every once in awhile. Memory management is never perfect and flushing is a good work around for imperfect management.
I've had this issue seemingly more with Windows 8.1 than with 8 as well, so hopefully it gets fixed by Microsoft in an update... my gaming laptop with 16GB of Ram does this as well randomly. As others have said, it's not an actual issue with your SP2.

On a side note, very happy with BF4 gaming performance so far. At 720p, all low with scaling set to 75% in game options, I've found that locking the framerate with "gametime.maxvariablefps 30" keeps things running perfectly smooth, even in 64 player matches. Oddly, I get the low memory error on my laptop but have yet to so far on the SP2 ha