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Getting Jaggies under Photoshop


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Hello friends,

I have a Win10 Surface Pro 4. I am using the default Surface Pro 4 stylus and the latest version of Photoshop.

When I first unboxed my Surface Pro 4, I was delighted that there were no jagged lines under Photoshop whenever I would draw slowly.

However, after loading all the Windows Updates, this behavior changed.

I am running with an i5 and 8GB of memory.

I wonder what I can do to correct the problem. Is there an update I loaded that I should uninstall? Or is there another fix?

The problem only appears when I am drawing slowly, but then again, I quite often draw slowly.

Thank you all for any advice you can offer for solving this technical issue.



I am sorry to say that I think if you are meaning the jagged diagonal lines, this is one of the known defects of N-Trig technology. I don't think that there is something wrong with your SP4, it is just the technology, is it possible may be at first you were trying with curved lines and now with diagonal lines ? I think that the only workaround for this problem is drawing faster or some drawing softwares have some stabilization support for brushes which minimizes this effect. (For example Manga Studio)



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This topic has recently been part of some very unfriendly discussions on this forum. But looking elsewhere shows that Photoshop may be to blame for this jitter issue, as it may not be interfacing with the pen as well as it should be. As drivers change or improve, perhaps software should do the same, if not following best 'conformance' practices.

Even slow strokes using software like Paint and pen input for Office and even Edge don't have this problem.

Example with Paint:

Screenshot (23).png


Hmm then may be I got it wrong the initial question, I thought that he was asking about the diagonal line jitter. :)