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Getting your Surface anything for Christmas?


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Wrapping up any keyboard covers or cases for your machine this Christmas? The only thing I'm considering is the official dock when it comes out... not sure anyone will be spending that amount of money on me though!



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I would have like to get the Surface Arc mouse, but the damn MS UK Store does not have it - yet. It seems to be perpetually listed as being 'coming soon'!


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I wanted the bluetooth adapter for the keyboard but it's out of stock. :( So I settled for a sleeve (and skin for the keyboard itself).


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I'm tired of going to the Microsoft online store everyday to see if they have the docking station in stock so I stopped by the local Microsoft store yesterday an put my name on the list for them to call me when they get some in. I also was going to see if they had any of the $100 Dell 8.1 tablets left. They already sold the twenty. They still had some for sale at $200 but that was a little too much for another toy to play with.