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[GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

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If i win the surface i will use it create/modify docs, xls and ppt. As well as read surface forums on IE, browse the web. additonally i would manage my media center pc, windows home server and xbox with it. My playbook would be handed down to my son, but when he is old enough to learn how to use a real tablet then he would get my surface and i would get the newest one. Aside from all that i would use i to make my Apple coolaid drinking friends jealous!


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I'd use a Surface for everything that I now use my laptop for. I'd also look into developing apps to sell on the Windows Store.


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I'm going to use the Surface mainly for work. Right now it's the ONLY tablet that allows FULL use of Microsoft Office Suite and that's why I like it so much.

It also looks AMAZING and built well.

I wish I'll win this one!

GOOD LUCK everyone!!!


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Woow, this is certainly one of the most exciting giveaways I ever participated :D. I mean most exciting for me :D. I've been lurking around web for last few months reading and looking at pictures and previews "just to creep a little sneak peek" :D. Lets just say I'm really stunned with the details and quality of it's build and features.
So guess I would just spend some time looking at it without touching :D. And later I'd tried out all of it's capabilities :)....

Good luck folks, every one here wins, in a certain manner :).
Glad to participate :).


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I plan to use the Surface for play. I'd use the Surface for watching videos on Netflix Instantly, CrunchyRoll, and YouTube. I'd also use the Surface for Internet browsing, emailing, and Skype. Thanks!
Looking forward to the W8 experience. I love my Nokia 920 and hoping I can win the Surface to expand my experience and have an alternative from the Android ecosystem. Plus this would make a great engagement gift to my wonderful fiance


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I would use it to keep up with my electronic comms. I fall way behind when I am out being limited to my desktop only. A mobile device that allows me to keep using the same apps on both systems would be a godsend.


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★★ Please Hook Me Up With a Surface ★★

I would be using it to stay connected even when i'm away from home.I have a bulky 15" laptop & it's not always possible to carry such a bulky item all the time.S, If i get to win this , I can bring it along with me wherever I go & still staying connected.Will use it for work purposes mainly & playing audio/video files in the free times.

Thank A lot for the opportunity. :)
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