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[GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

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The Surface is the best Windows RT Tablet in the market and I think it will be the best tool for my daughter in her studies.
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I liked the FB page. I will use the Surface for play: surfing FB, emailing, playing Words with Friends, etc etc etc.


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My wife and I have been in the market for a tablet (mostly the Surface) for quite some time, but given our financial situation (I'm a law student and she is a teacher), it does not make sense for us to splurge on something we want, and not something we need. We are interested in the Surface because it is more than just another tablet. The innovative technology that is Windows 8 and the keyboard/cover put it well ahead of the competition. We are looking for more than just a reading device (i.e., Kindle and Nook) or gaming device (iPad), but something that serves as a portable and travel friendly substitute for a full fledged laptop. My wife has report cards to complete and I have appellate briefs to write, and with MS Skydrive and Windows 8, the Surface will allow us to complete whatever we need no matter where we are at. We love our Android phones, but the Surface is the tablet for us.


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Great contest guys/girls! I hit the like button for sure! I've been thinking about trying a Surface and a free one would be excellent indeed.

Does anyone know what stores usually have display units of the Surface?


I have bee waiting for Surface Pro but wonder if Surface RT might be a better choice to replace my Ipad 2 which I hate with its proprietary software that stifles creativity. I am wishing for the success of the impressive fast and non restrictive Surface.


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During the day, I'll use it to take notes in OneNote, check email, etc. at work. At night and on my train commute, play games, read kindle books, do personal email, and surf the web (via internet sharing on my Nokia 920 when on the train!)


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like ARosch I would like to have a Surface for taking to college classes. I am an engineering student and I would like to have something other than my big clunky laptop for carrying with me. I need something that works great for taking notes and writing papers that can then be easily uploaded and shared with other students or professors


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I would use it for both. Since Windows RT is closely related to standard Windows i can perform my work in Excel and Word on my pc at home and my Surface when Im on the go. Ive tried this with my current tablet but it didnt work out at all. I also be able to take advantage of the integration with my Xbox 360 during m down time. Could video chat with wife while im at work during breaks. There are just so many things that makes me want the Surface! I dont care what anyone says i want a single ecosystem for all of my devices. Go Surface!!
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