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Glass Protector for SPro 7

I went to Best Buy and purchased what I was told was a glass protector for SPro 7 but the camera and mic cutouts did not match. I found out the protector was for SP 4. Although the screen is the same size, the cutouts for the SP 7 are different. I have searched all over, including contacting Microsoft and cannot find a verifiable glass screen protector specifically for the SP7 screen with the proper cutouts. Has anyone purchased one. If so, which one?


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Wow, now I am wondering if the glass protector I purchased at Best Buy for my new SP7 will work. I am waiting for them to let me know it is ready for pick-up.

But I am confused as to your saying “glass protector for SPro 7 but the camera and mic cutouts did not match.”. Isn’t the glass protector only for the screen? Isn’t the camera and mic cutouts not on the screen? Is the glass protector you bought cover the whole SP7 which would cover the cutouts for camera an mic. I’m confused.

Demetra P Barbarino

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@cricket1001 The protector covers the entire screen. The camera and mic are on the top of the screen. I believe there is a plastic cover that works but I wanted the glass protector. If they use a glass one and the cutouts aren't covered, let me know please.


I remain puzzled by why people want to get screen protectors for the Surface tablets. I'm now on my 5th Surface, none of which have been fitted with screen protectors and none of which have suffered any screen damage issues except one: it flew off the rear of my convertible onto gravel when I forgot I left it there. A screen protector would've been of no use.