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Gone and done it...


Just picked up the 128 GB model this morning on its release in the UK. Got the type cover, since I already have the touch with the RT.

So far.. just getting all the updates and stuff. Super happy.


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I've ordered mine along with a type cover last night on the microsoft UK store as soon as they added it to the shop.
Can't wait for it to arrive now. Does anyone have experience with microsoft store? I hope they won't take too long...

On a completely different note, has anyone used the wedge mouse? Is it any good?

I was wondering if I should get it along with the microsoft wedge mobile keyboard because it might be better for working in the long run but I could just use the mac keyboard and the logitech mouse I already have and use with my macbook. Did anyone ever try a mac keyboard with it? I presume it would just work?



The store ships real fast. You should get it tomorrow or saturday.
The wedge mouse is bluetooth based, so YMMW, I returned mine.
No idea about the mac keyboard.


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On a completely different note, has anyone used the wedge mouse? Is it any good?
I have the Wedge Mouse, the "Wheel" action is less than perfect (much less). But I keep it because it's Bluetooth (no wires, or USB dongles) and it's small. I keep hoping an update will come through to help the Wheel sensitivity.


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Hmm, I'm currently using the Anywhere MX Logitech mouse which I'm really happy with. The only reason I was thinking of getting the wedge mouse is that it doesn't need the USB dongle. It's a tiny dongle but it would still use up the USB port. Not that that's a a real problem to be honest anyways...

The more important thing for me really is probably the keyboard, since I will be using it as a mobile work station. The touch cover will probably do the job for short work sessions but how does it hold up when working on it for longer? That's why I have a separate mac keyboard for my macbook pro as well. Makes things much more comfortable. I might just end up using the mac keyboard / mouse combo for the surface as well, hoping it will work fine. The wedge keyboard however does look nice.


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I have the wedge mouse. I like it because it is Bluetooth so I don't use up the USB slot. I agree that the wheel (scrolling) could be better. Also, if you plan to game with it, it won't let you use both buttons at the same time. For example, you can zoom by pressing the right mouse button, but then you can't shoot by pushing the left mouse button because the right mouse button is also pushed. Bummer.

I will keep using the wedge when working because I like the small form factor. I will get another Bluetooth mouse for gaming.


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Awesome, so glad you guys are finally getting your Surfaces.

This is what I have for my Surface. I already had one for my Thiknkpad, and really liked it, so just got another. ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse - Overview

It's bluetooth, small but not "tiny" like some of the "travel" mice are. Has an off switch, and works on just about anything, including my pants leg...


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Hmm, I guess I'll just stick to my current work mouse for now then. (I'll never understand why logitech is still sticking to it's own wireless technology instead of just going bluetooth)
The mx anywhere is quite nice, apart from the inconvenience of the missing middle click. (I do like the free running wheel tho, especially when working with massive files).

So far the microsoft store seems to be operating quite fast, on the tracking page it says it will arrive before the end of tomorrow. Looks like I'll be working from home then. :D
I am far too excited, damn.


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Indeed delivery was very fast. I've spend a good chunk of today getting the surface ready for work (and also installed some games of course, what else would I do?).
So far I have to say, very nice device. Let's see how I get on with it over the next days.


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has anyone used the wedge mouse? Is it any good?
Darkwolf --

1st question: Yes, I originally bought one and used it to set up my Ladyfriend's Pro. She loves it, but, then, she has small hands and nimble fingers. She likes the scrolling feature. Then when the Pro appeared in my life, I got one for myself, mostly because it (a) Bluetooth connected, so no wires, and (b) small and very convenient for travel.

2nd Question: As Afy said, YMMV. I would not like it for tight photo editing, but I do that on a desktop anyway. I do like it for reasons above.

Glad to hear you got the Pro.

Have fun,

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