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Surface pro with xbox controller and plug and play kit


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I got my surface pro this morning and first off let me say how happy I was with my surface rt, but I'm still super excited about returning it for the pro. Now on to my question/problem. I picked up an xbox 360 wireless controller with the plug n play kit tonight. I wanted to play a little riptide gp and maybe try out hydro thunder. I connected the controller via usb to the surface and checked device manager and windows had installed it already as plug n play kit so I thought I was good to go. I have tried riptide and soulcraft but neither of them act like the controller is actually connected. I pressed the xbox button on the controller and it flashes but that's it.

Anyone have any ideas or has anyone been able to check this on their surface pro?

Thanks for any help.
You will need the wired Xbox controller. The plug and play doesn't pass the drivers, just power. If you want wireless, then you'll need the Xbox wireless receiver.