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Good App for handwriting to type


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First off, hello to everyone! Great forum and glad I joined. I just purchased a MS Surface Pro 128gb and am quite impressed. I come from the Apple world so I am sure there will be a learning curve. The question I have is this...is there an app that translates my writing (via the stylus) to type on the tablet?
Thanks and I am sure more questions will follow!
Well to start there is the on screen keyboard. When you have the keyboard up hit the keyboard key bottom Rt than choose the one in the middle with the pen. I don't do a lot of handwriting conversion but I have used Windows journal. Pre loaded on your surface. Handwrite something, than use the lasso to select what you want to convert, than tap actions on the menu bar, than convert to text. Works very well with recognition. I believe you can do this in one note app also, but I have never tried it so I could be mistaken. You can do alot of cool things with the pen in all of the new office 2013 programs. Just touch the pen to the screen when in any program and the pen settings will appear. One example is handwriting in the body of an email in office outlook.
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your Surface. Tonyz3 has you covered but the short answer is yes Windows 8 can convert handwriting to typing :)
Microsoft Office OneNote I find is pretty good for this depending on what you're handwriting for.

For me, I stopped bringing paper/pad to a meeting and just use the Surface Pro and OneNote. Your handwriting is automatically text searchable and if you want to convert it to text you can just select the text and click Ink to Text.