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Good bluetooth mouse with programmable buttons?


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I'd like to find a decent Bluetooth mouse with programmable thumb buttons. Have seen some with thumb buttons but the buttons were not programmable.

Any suggestions?
I've seen a few on eBay that look good although I'm not a fan of shopping on eBay - have had identity theft problems before. Here is a Dell mouse:

Dell 5 Button Bluetooth Wireless Optical Travel Mouse F299K G714K PU705 | eBay
Product Specifications

•Perfect travel-sized mouse and ideal for mobile users
•5 Programmable Buttons
•Power On / Off button
•Wireless connectivity ready on Bluetooth enabled system
•Scroll Wheel w/button
•Bluetooth Interface
•Optical laser
•Compatible with a variety of Bluetooth enabled devices
•Long lasting battery life with on/off switch
•Maximum comfort with Ergonomic design
•D/P: PU705, F299K, G714K
You might want to check out the Razer Orochi.
There's a good overview of the button programming here [video=youtube;m6nKgGFQrzM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6nKgGFQrzM[/video]

I have just ordered one.
I'm not interested in the programmable buttons, but I'm one the quest for my perfect BT mouse.

My Buffalo BT mouse that works well on my Dell V131 does not work well with my Surface Pro (it keeps going to sleep, sometimes even after 5 seconds of inactivity, and needs to be shaken for about 2 seconds to wake up - it doesn't do this on the Dell)

I bought a MS Bluetooth Notebook 5000 mouse, but the wheel button is really sensitive and I keep accidentally clicking it - something that I have not had a problem with in the past, and I've probably used 20 mice over the last 15-20 years.