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Google Chrome Win8 Mode is ridiculous


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Every time I go to switch tabs this annoying pop up bar comes down. Words can't even begin to express my anger. This is stupid, what were they thinking? Sure it works if I want to use the touch screen but I'm here using my mouse looking like a moron. It's beyond ridiculous, I have to tip toe up to the tabs like I'm on a secret mission. I can't disable the win8 mode because then my mouse disappears.
Anyway to fix this crap?
and no, I'm not going to post this into the win8 section because it's dead.
Here's hoping for spartan.
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Chrome on the SP3 is itself ridiculous:

1. UI/rendering still looks crap on high DPI
2. It eats battery more than minecraft
3. scrolling and zooming is laggy
4. piss poor touch controls

Chrome for Android works better than Chrome for Windows. You're better off with IE.