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Google Reader replacement?


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With GR disappearing July1, any suggestions? I'm using Modern Reader, but I think that's powered by GR and I can't simply import my subscriptions...


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I'm using News Bento since Day one and i've managed to get 98% of my wanted subscriptions to work. There are some minor drawbacks with formatting on certain websites/articles in clean-view mode (when the feed only contains the first lines of a story, you can download the rest through the app).


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I'm using NextGen Reader on both the Surface and my Windows Phone. Currently this is using Google Reader as the backend, but the developer has posted that they will continue to work after Google sunsets Google Reader. Hoping this leads to some increased competition and innovation. Google hasn't really done anything with Google Reader in a very long time now.


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Here are a few listed in this site... 8 Google Reader alternatives | ExtremeTech

I have seen quite a bit of buzz about Feedly but have not used it :)...good luck!

I have been using "readly" which is available in the Windows Store, and it works well on the SP and has a good integration with text and images and is pretty fluid. It could use a little polishing to allow you to speed through the reads, but it seems pretty stable. I imported my google reader feeds and have used it. On the SP, it definitely works better than Google Reader itself. I am used to GR on the full sized desktop which has been my go to for years, but "readly" with a little tweaking could make GR's chloroforming a so what.


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I have the same problem...i use on my android phone ¨Press REader¨ which connects with my Feedly account for Rss, blogs etc...

Now in the surface pro there is not any feedly client...and i´m forced to read the rss in the web...but it is not the same (you need internet etc, you can´t read offline,..)

my doubt is...is there any feed client wich i can sincronize with my android phone?



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+2 on Readiy Pro.

I've only had my Surface for a few days and tried a few of the other rss readers in the store and this one is the best in my opinion.