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Solved Surface 3 LTE GPS


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I found this thread while troubleshooting GPS on my Surface 3 LTE, and while the discussion didn't directly solve my problem, I believe I figured out the cause of the loss of GPS. I would like to share the information I discovered so that if anyone else stumbles upon this thread with the same question, it might be helpful.

It seems that when you turn off or disable WiFi, it also disables the GPS chip for some reason. I tried different methods of turning off WiFi to come up with a workaround, but everything gave the same result (no GPS). However, disconnecting from WiFi or moving out of range of WiFi (I drove out to the middle of nowhere to test) leaves the GPS in a working state and it gives accurate geolocation.
I requested confirmation from a Microsoft tech (chat support) to verify if this is really happening and if it is by design, but I'm not hopeful for a useful response.

Solution: Leave WiFi on. If you're only wanting to test the functionality, disconnect from WiFi instead of disabling it.


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Yesterday I noticed my Surface 3 wasn't able to pinpoint my location. This morning I saw that WiFi was disabled. Enabling it didn't work and a reboot led to a BSOD.

After the reboot WiFi is working, but still no location. The GNSS Geolocation sensor is there and seems to be working properly, but I am not convinced!

I have to have my Surface 3 replaced for the display problem again. So, let's see what the next one does.

To be honest I am wondering more and more if an iPad or Android tablets (the good ones like from Samsung, Asus etc) have issues like this as well! I am really getting more disappointed by the day!


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You wouldn't believe the people I know having problems with Android Tablets and iPads. There are WEB sites filled with problems With regards to ASUS I'm not sure if the Windows or Android tablets are better or worse but therea are plenty of problems to go around.


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FYI, I got confirmation from a Tech Lead (from Microsoft Chat) that WiFi has to be on for GPS to work. Hopefully they will update the documentation on this. Or even better, fix it so you aren't required to have WiFi on to use the GPS.

I also have several LTE iPads that were giving me incorrect locations on my MDM (an iPad that was sitting on my desk in Oregon was reporting that it was in San Jose). Turns out, I had turned off WiFi on those, too, and as soon as I turned WiFi back on (and disconnected from WiFi), they showed accurate location.