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GPS working or not?


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I'm interested in the LTE version of the GO but if I should plunge the extra money I want normal GSP functionality as on an Ipad cellular. I remember reading posts of GPS not working.
Anyone knows if GPS now works without problems on Surface devices. Can GPS work with Web version of Google maps or is there any windows map app the works flawless
If I understood correctly Web and GPS didn't work together and there were no usable map app for windows.


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Late reply, but I am going through older news articles.

GPS is working on most devices. Was working on a Surface 3 and I know it is working on my Surface Pro LTE as well. However, you'll have to stick to Microsoft Maps. There is no way to navigate using Google Maps, Waze, etc.

When it comes to navigating using a tablet, I think you're better of using an iOS or Android tablet.