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Solved Do ANY GPS Apps work?

OK I knew my favorite GPS MotionX app did not support Windows, but seriously can not believe that I have not found any GPS apps that works on my Surface 3 LTE windows 10 tablet.

I even ham having trouble using google maps to track my movements.. What is the issue here??

It is like Windows is a totally unsupported mobile platform.. Microsoft please Pay Motionx, Garmin, Copolit to build a windows 10 GPS app!!

BTW I bought my first iPad 3G over 5 years ago and the GPS apps and Skype still work better on an Apple .. are we serious?



Ok I finally found the pre-installed Maps.. right under Installed Apps go figure!

Here I am searching GPS apps in the Microsoft Store, hours Googling Windows 10 GPS Maps to no avail and all the time I had no idea that it was already installed:)

So MAPS looks pretty good, too bad one can not place wayward points but I CAN LIVE WITH IT!
It appears not to have voice giudance or am I missing something?
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Search GPS in this sites search, IDK if that helps you but I see peoples using GPS for somthin ... you might pay special attention to @sharpcolorado's posts as he's a world traveling Geologist type and might use a map or two. :)


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@Intranetsites ,

Microsoft Streets & Trips allows for waypoints. Though discontinued, you can still obtain this package.

Also, Windows Maps is quite good. Cortana will find directions, but at this time, she will not speak them.

To find my posts regarding GPS, search for GPS posted by @sharpcolorado .

My Surface Pro 3 has been a reliable travel and field and computer.





Ok Microsoft's Maps is pretty good.. now all I need is a constant or reconnect function. You see when I lost my lte connection after my first 5 minutes of driving it never reconnected. Currently my procedure is to turn the cellular off wifi on wifi off cellular back on and after several minutes the mobile connection is restored. now may is sill locked with message gps signal is lost.... so I close the Maps and restart to restore my driving