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GPU degrades graphics peformance



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Well I ran GfxBench 4.0 but there is not much to do wrong. Could it be that my dGPU has some sort of hardware issue? I would exchange the machine if it is a dGPU problem. I do like the SB except for this one issue.


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Yeah, I would exchange, too. If nothing else, you could do the tests right there in the MS store if you bought it there.


I would try to see if you can exchange the base only if your clipboard is working fine.

My surface book dGPU is working great. Super stable, got about P3000 on 3D mark 11 with a 135 MHZ overclock (about 15% overclock). Been running Portal 2, Tomb Raider on it so far. Will eventually be running Solidworks or NX 10.