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Graphic artifacts.


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I don't think it is anything to worry about.... It seems to me a memory error probably caused by some faulty code in the application. A few games have randomly caused this problem for me.... Just restart your device and it will go away. I havn't had it happen for a month now.


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Promised I was going to post a screenshot next time it happened. So here we go.
I took a screenshot(windows logo + volume down), and it actually captured the problem, which makes me think its not artifacts.
Any thoughts?
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I would say an exchange is not necessary... I am pretty sure that it only happens as a graphics error caused by faulty code... Back when most of the applications were new I got it a few times. It has not happened for about 2 months now.


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I guess you have to decide if it is an issue with the game app(s) or the Surface. Since you seem to be encountering it somewhat frequently with different apps that would be a Surface issue it seems.


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Yes. When this occurs I have usually been playing a game a longer time, and the device feels a little hot above the Windows logo on the back.
It has occurred with Pinball FX2, Soul Craft and Dragons Blade. And when it occurs the effect seem to transfer between apps, and a Restart fixes it..


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My son's Surface RT has manifest graphic artifacts when playing graphic intensive games for a long time, my guess was it was overheating and was fixed by rebooting.
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