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Great deal, I hope! Some questions...


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I believe I just got very lucky! My history, had a sp1 that dog knocled off chair and screen broke, bought a s3 which I am currently using but it just doesn't seem fast enough - so I started cruising ebay.
Last night I bought a sp3 i5 8mb ram and 256 gb ssd for $280, guaranteed working and with a power supply! A seller who deals mainly with server parts (high end network boards, etc) had 8 of them and sold out very quckly. I also bought a 1 year sq trade warranty for $38 with it. My plan is to sell my s3, kb and pen for at least the $280 I paid!
Will by sp1 or s3 keyboard work on it? When I get this anything I should check on it?
LOL, or should I sell it for $4-500!!!


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Any help in some good tests or dx's I should run on this right away? Any sp3 known issues I should look for? Thanks


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Any Surface Keyboard should work on it, sometimes you need to run Windows Update with the keyboard attached to get the driver. Neither the SP1 OR S3 keyboards "fit" the size of the SP3 so it will look like hell. I hope it works for you. Value is what your perceive it to be ...


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Check the frame for warping, this is a known issue although it should not affect functionality it is annoying.

The frame of my SP3 was warped, I fixed it by laying it screen down and placing cards under the corners then gently pressing down.
I had my screen off for replacement when I did this so I don't know if thats a good idea with the screen on.