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Greetings from Hotlanta!


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Just bought the Surface 32GB with Type keyboard and have enjoyed it thus far. I've spent probably 4+ hours on it. Sad to say that I noticed a dead pixel at the top left corner and it is annoying the heck out of me so off to the store tomorrow for replacement.

I also noticed a few other issues such as some flickering/flashing as well as when I tried to type in the autocomplete on google's page, it was slow to keep up with what I typed. This could be my Internet connection.. not sure.

Other than that, I love this thing. I really wanted to wait for the Windows 8 Pro Surface to come out in January but I wanted a Surface right away so I could begin developing for it. I suppose I'll hold on to this and use it for development & personal uses before selling it in January and getting the Win 8 Pro Surface.

Pluses I thought were obviously the keyboard, the kickstand and being able to have two applications side by side.
Cons were the dead pixel I had on top left of screen, some jittery/flash/flickering and some unusual anomalies suck as the stock of the company now showing up in the Finance app after I just added it. I had to kill app and restart it in order for it to show... Interesting enough, I wonder if this was an "enhancement" considering the stock I was adding was AAPL.

I understand a first version of anything will have some issues so I'm not worried about future patches fixing some of the odd things. The hardware is a work of art. Very solid, sleek and enjoyable to use. I think Microsoft has done a great job. They are about 80% there and will be rock solid by version 2.
Just got the Surface replaced today since it had the dead pixel. The Windows Store guys treated me well and I just had to show them where the dead pixel was. Very smooth process. I asked if I get 14 more days to make sure everything is fine from today and he said no problem. I'll thoroughly test everything especially looking for dead pixels today. The only negative was that I had a bunch of stuff installed such as the updates and several apps which I now have to go back and spend time adding back.