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Hi, i'm a new Surface user from germany.
Recived my Surface RT at the 2nd of November and playing around with it since then. Also i have a Desktop Workstation running Windows 8 Pro on three screens and a eeepc 1005pe with the release preview of Windows 8 installed.
Devices i try/need to connect to windows 8 are my iPod Nano (6G), my Motorola Milestone 2 and my Kindle 3G.
I use the Surface as Netbook replacement in university to take notes and stuff. Works quite well since i bought a bluetooth keyboard. Ah yeah i dont have a touch/type cover yet since i wanted to wait for different colores to be available.
Oh and i started a little Tumblr Blog to spread my thought about Windows RT/8 and give some reviews of Apps. I don't rly think anyone reads it but hey who cares;) scratching the surface
So far so good
hmmm yeah thats right it's all in german...
is it readable through translator? Or do u recommend switching to english?
Maybe i just write it both in english and in german... might be a good exercise for keeping my english skills up;)
Welcome to the forum.
I don't need a translator for your blog, for me it's perfectly readable :D But you could try writing certain/important posts (like how-to's or about apps) in english.
Nice idea with your blog. I found an app which I was not aware of before. Thanks.

If you want to have it translated automatically with a web engine you should erase some German spelling mistakes, otherwise the engine will come up with strange translations.

Prinzipiell bin ich ja begeistert von der Touch Cover Idee des Suface, jedoch war mir schwartz als einizge Farbe beim Vorbestelllen zu langweilig, weshalb ich nun kein Cover habe und warte bis sie in verschiedenen Farben erhältlich sind.

Suface - schwartz - einizge - Vorbestelllen.

Don't get me wrong I like the idea, but as a student you might want to watch your spelling. If you are a non native German speaker you could use something like auto correction or so.

Hope this helps.

i am a native, the spelling errors re a result of typos (wrote most of the post in a Tumblr App for RT which does not correct me) and my weakness in spelling (hell i don't know the english name for it)...
But thank you for pointing them out to me, seems like i have to look the blog overon my desktop;)

Writing important stuff in both languages seems lik a good idea.

May i ask which app you found?;)
I found Mind8.

And in addition to Mr. NK I would concentrate on a German blog, if I were you.