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Dock for the Surface pro?



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I think I would rather use this that does not need external power to connect flash drive, Ethernet and external SSD with headphone and Mini DisplayPort to DVI connected straight to the tablet then use "a hulking device where the Surface Pro/2 slides in at an angle and is held in place with by arms on the side that are pulled out to release the tablet".
I own far better than that little device. I have Dell S2340T 23" Touchscreen Monitor Details and it still felt like hooking up Frankenstein each time I did it and made the device feel less-than-portable and less-than-flexible. As a result of no-dock I tended to use my pro like a desktop when at home and leave it sitting with cable coming out all over I.E. power, DP, USB uplink and almost never actually used it like a tablet.

I find the dock to be a critical and in fact a 'deal-breaker' accessory for any tablet or laptop in a work environment. So anyone suggesting anything other than an exceptionally well done dock for the Surface Pro 2 can keep that to themselves. It needs a dock, should have a dock, and without one loses appeal in the workplace fast. Having a great, well thought out, feature rich dock would be even better considering the state that Surface sales are in at this point.
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