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handwriting recognition in onenote


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Good afternoon to all and thanks for reading my topic.

In followup to my previous topic some minutes ago, i also seen that this surface pro 3 has the ability to recognize some handwriting. I would like to ask for some help to the most experienced around here how can one activate that feature in the surface pro 3 in the onenote notepad, for me to train the computer and be able to have my handwriting recognized would be the most fantastic feature ever...

Anybody uses this feature ?

Opinions are welcomed

all the best
It just does it....you "lasso" the text in with write click you can convert ink to text....but better yet leave it as ink and OneNote treats like any other typed text (Desktop Version of OneNote).
i must be doing this in a real dumb way......

when i lasso my handwriting it just doesnt show the option of convrt to text..... only basic options like copy, paste and etiquette and then mark as favorite or add as contact. also the first video in this post is not the same version of onenote in my sp3......

gettin crazy here........... i can post maybe a video to help illustrate the idea......

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This recognition only works in OneNote 2013 (desktop version) and not in the Modern (reduced feature set) OneNote (which I'm guessing is what you're using). You can get that for free here. There are only a few differences between the free version of OneNote and the once that comes with Office. Btw, if you use the Modern version because maybe it's more convenient in certain scenarios, any notes will sync to the desktop version (also to OneNote on your mobile phone).