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Has anyone done an online service replacement in the UK?


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So regarding issues I'm having I finally decided it was time to try another Surface. I spent about 30-45 minutes filling all the appropriate forms in etc. got to the final page with my delivery address on it, hit 'finish' or whatever it said, and it took me back to the start page

It kinda seemed to work... but I've not received any confirmation email and when I log in to see current progress on my replacement, there's nothing there.

Just wondering how long it took to come through or if I just have to try the whole damn process again?


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I'm based in the UK, and have gone through the process online once in the past to replace a faulty Surface RT

The process worked flawlessly for me, taking me through to the stage of arranging a reference number for dropping off my faulty device at a service location, and when the package landed with Microsoft my replacement got shipped out the same day!

Couldn't be more pleased with the service - if it isn't working for you, try again, maybe use a different browser. I assume you're accessing support from the Surface website where it shows you the devices you have registered and what the warranty is etc?


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I was going to use the same site too. I got far as printing the label etc., but I found that my Surface 2 recovered so I cancelled the Service Request. SAs far as I could see, the process was quite smooth. As Rallicat puts it, try a different browser (what were you using in the first place - I was using IE11 Modern version from my Desktop machine).


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Okay it seems like it hasn't worked as it's been a couple of days now and still nothing!

I was using Chrome, so I'll try again with Internet Explorer. I tried contacting Microsoft support about this but they never got back to me...

So far not that happy with the experience! I've also just been reading on another thread about how most refurbished units are coming back with scratches etc. has this happened to you guys?