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What to do about new SB


Hi all. Like many here I am a previous Surface Pro 3 owner (got in on release day here in Australia) who decided to upgrade to the SB. I sold my SP3 in anticipation of the SB, so been having withdrawal (it has only occured to me recently how useful the pen has become to my work flow).
I had a few issues with my order (issue with Authorisation although other items in the same order went through fine, and then Microsoft cancelled it). But finally got it today.

So the first time I turn it on it goes straight to the Windows 10 log in page. This is a bit odd as 1) The Surface and Windows has not been set up yet and 2) How could I log in with a user account if there are no user accounts on there? I had a feeling this was a bad sign, but decided to see what I could do. After trying the Administrator account (which is locked out) the Surface book kinda freaks out (screen starts flashing white and black), I get sent back to the Surface start up logo and then manage to get the Windows setup details. Awesome, except everything has defaulted to Singapore. Change it to all be correct and off I go.
I set up my account, and get it downloading the updates etc. It takes hours to downlaod the updates, but eventually they finish setting up. The SB restarts, I log back in and all looks good.... for around 30 seconds. After 30 seconds the speakers start this buzzing noise and the SB locks up.

Do a hard restart, get back into Windows and all is good for all of 15 seconds. After 15 seconds the screen simply turns off. All I have is total darkness. I try the hard reset again but nothing. ry it another couple of times and then it comes back to life.
Then it happens again. This time I can't get it back. I have tried every combo of buttons I can think of but I'm getting no joy. The strange thing is it appears to be on. It is getting hot if I just leave it, I can un-dock the Clipboard and the keyboard lights up. Just no display. I have even tried connecting to an external display and nothing happens.

Right this second I am waiting for the battery in it to die (I haven't worked out yet how I can possibly tell, but we'll see) and see if after that it starts normally. In the mean time does anyone have any other suggestions?

I am reluctant to send it back to Microsoft since it has taken me song to get it and Microsoft has THE WORST returns policy for such high end devices. Even if the device turns up dead they make you send it back to them, wait 3 weeks while they do an evaluation and then send you a refurbished model. That's simply pathetic.
So, anyone HELP!!!!!

Thanks all!


It really sounds like it is defective. You can spend more time fiddling with it, maybe even do a re-install of Windows, but more than likely you will need a replacement.


Sadly, this is the day hat I leave the Microsoft hardware market. I got onto tech support who deemed the Surface Book Dead on arrival. Put me on to the online store who then gave me 2 options:
1) Send the Surface Book in and wait 4+ weeks (due to the Christmas period and high demand) for a new one to be sent. This then puts us in the middle of Christmas and my holidays, so I would be without the Surface Book until well into the new year....
2) They can charge me again for the Surface Book and get me to then send in the broken one. I will then 'eventually' get a refund for the second one processed.

Neither option is any where near acceptable. The first would be OK if they didn't take so long, but (and I am quoting the Microsoft rep here) 'That's what it takes and that's all we are willing to do'. I simply can't abid dropping that sort of cash ($3300AUD) on something and getting such poor service in return. I loved my Surface Pro 3 (even with the poor service I got from Microsoft with it) and would have loved to have a Surface Book but it's just not to be. I might look at it again in a little bit but for the moment it's just not good enough.


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I am from Australia and have since moved to Canada. I can honestly say that that is just Australian customer service. It's not just MS who treat their customers like crap over there, it's most tech companies (Apple being a notable exception). It's so disappointing. I honestly believe your experience would have been totally different in Canada or the US. I'm not sure what you can do other than making your story more public (twitter?, MS facebook page?). Anyway, sad to see you moving away from the product, I absolutely love my SB, but I can totally see the justification. Good luck with whatever you buy next.


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Based on the OP's description of how the SB acted, I agree that he has (had) a defective SB. I got mine about 3 weeks ago through Best Buy and I've only had the issues that most have had with their SB's and SP4's.