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Has anyone purchased Best Buy's Geek Squad extended warranty for their SB


If you have read my previous post regarding my Surface Book dying after 30 days you will know that Best Buy replaced it for me, even though I had not purchased an extended warranty from them. I can count on one hand (even if I lose a few fingers) how many times I have purchased extended warranties on stuff. However, after this issue, I am considering getting the Geek Squad protection. If it just covered problems I doubt I would get it but since it covers accidental stuff too, it might be worth it. Has anyone had any experiences with this extended warranty?


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I got one from MS which is a 2 year with accidental. You just take it to MS store and they replace. The first SB I got I had problems and it was right before the thanksgiving break. I tried to decide which way I would get the SB back the fastest. I sort of figured it could be on back order at BB because when I bought it it was shipped to me. So I decided to go to chat on the MS site and they did some tests and the SB wouldn't boot. So they created a case and sent me a shipping slip. I did ask if it would be faster at the store and they said sometimes. Well i was worried that the holiday would delay the return. But on thanksgiving I received a Fedex email that my new SB had shipped I changed to me picking up at Fedex so I could pick it up first thing in the am. Then it got stolen and was recovered but had water damage and I was given a check for the price of the SB. My model was 200 off off i added the 2 year extended warranty. I brought the damaged on in and had them look at and they told me to contact MS and send into them. Well a replacement was approved and they sent it through Fedex again. I sold to my GF. I bought from MS because I thought the warranty would be better and since that have the stores. MS give more of a personal touch since they are their own devices.