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Has the surface totally replaced your tablet?


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The tethering itself is still WiFi. BT is only used for the handshake.

No shared text messaging at all.
SMS is backed up to OneDrive, that's pretty much it. Its even invisible in OneDrive directory on Onedrive.com or your SP3, so you can't manage anywhere but on your Windows Phone.
There might be an app that enables such feature like the Android app you mentioned, but I dont use SMS much, so I dont know.


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Imessage is not sms is it? I thought it was just an apple version of any other internet message program, except that it shows up in their sms inbox.

I can do that with the likes of viber, and its not restricted to apple. If my phone isnt in reaching distance while at my desk, i just use my surface.


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Actually, the feature has already been included in 8.1 nearly a year before Apple implemented it in Yosemite.
If your SP3 (or any W8.1 device) is connected to your Windows Phone via BT, you can initiate tethering from the SP3.
Your WP shows up in the WiFi networks list of your SP3, as if it was a WiFi hotspot. Just press 'Connect' and it will handle the rest.

Just to note, I wasn't actually talking about Yosemite, but iOS.


I've had the 3 for a few days now my iPad Air and Galaxy Tab 10.5 are neatly tucked away.
Has the Surface totally replaced your tablet. (All brands)
Do you still find yourself returning back to the tablet at times and using the Surface to run programs and do work that the tablet can't do.

I'm expecting when I get the Surface to still find a tablet useful as:

1/ Smaller form factor when seated.
2/ None or very little heat while using.
3/ Silent no fan.
3/ Large range of apps.
4/ Good battery life.
5/ Internet surfing/research.

Interested in people's views, as there's already been a thread asking if the Surface has replaced the laptop.

Yes, but more importantly it has replaced my laptop.