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Hating my new SPro 3 >:(

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A week away from the launch of Windows 10 doesn't mean the launch is going to be available for everyone. It'll come out in batches.


Have you tried turning off Automatic Updates. With it off, you can check for updates at your convenience.
Easy way to forget about them. Without seeing the notifications, they most likely just won't get installed.
Windows 10 is almost here and it pops up a calendar you can use set the installation time.

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"2. Setting it so it uses 2.4ghz on the wifi rather than Auto."

why on earth would you want to force a single band connection? If you are going to force a connection make it the Dual band 5GHz one.


I second what Jeff said above. My brand new, out of the box SP3 was so buggy, it was so frustrating. Three weeks later I did a full reset on it, and it was a properly running machine after that.
What kind of RESET did you do? Factory Image restore + Select updates?
Clean Win Install from ISO/ MSDN media?


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I hope your ire has settled down some.

It could be that all your updates are not yet installed. The router issue is common. I have several devices that I thought would work fine with my old router, but upgrading hardware to the AC version made all the difference.
SP3 hooked into my router with no problem.

Recall the SP3 is state of the art, and your other hardware should meet that test also.

I'm having a ball with my SP3, still learning what it can do, have TypePad, bought Docking Station, dual monitor setup, and use the tablet functionality also.

99% of the time when I have problems the problem is I didn't take my time to do all prescribed recommended actions.

Windows updates are an absolute necessity all the time.


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Hello, everyone, I'm back. Sorry I disappeared, but my job took me away for awhile. Here's an update on my situation:

I upgraded to Windows 10, and that has solved the update problem. I've set updates to run when I want them to. Yay!

But! Although I am able to connect to wifi now, all connections are interminably slow. I was going to buy a router, however, I decided against it for this reason: Many public wifi spots use 2.4GHz, and I find that when I'm out and about with my SP3, I have the dreadfully SLOW connection speeds, just like I do at home. So, it makes no sense to buy a new router that has the 5GHz option, unless I only ever want to use my SP3 at home, which, heh, I don't. I bought it so it could travel with me, otherwise I would have invested in a new desk top computer!

Someone asked earlier why I set it to 2.4GHz rather than Auto... because 1. My current router doesn't have 5GHz, and 2. A troubleshooting guide suggested changing it from auto to 2.4GHz to see if that would help. (It didn't). So, it's back to Auto.

Somewhere I read to change the USB selective suspend setting, however, since updating to Windows 10, that option is no longer available in the settings. I did find a way to make it reappear by changing the registry, but I haven't progressed that far yet, and I'm not sure if that is really the problem anyway.

So here I am again. I can connect to my wifi router at home, (and as a reminder, all my other devices that use it work fabulously well), but it is soooo slow. Outside of my home, any wifi connection I successfully connect to is just as ridiculously slow. I cannot change the world's wifi, so I need to fix my SP3 so that it can effectively use ANY wifi out there, like it should. At work, all my coworkers use their laptops, phones, etc. on the company 2.4GHz wifi just fine. Not me : ( I show up with my "state of the art" Surface Pro 3 and embarrass myself with how poorly it performs. : (

Let me add that if I sit about 5-10 feet directly in front of my router, I get pretty decent speeds. However, please don't recommend buying a new router again as the end-all solution. Although I will eventually do that, it won't solve the problem of slow speeds everywhere else.

I promise I will be active daily on this thread as I only have 10 days left to return my SP3 on the RMA that I requested. I'm all ears for exploring anything that will fix it. When it works, I really do enjoy it, and I'd like to keep it. Thanks!
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It seems to me you may have a setting or switch needs to be changed in the SP3.

I went from using my docking station ethernet connection for the SP three to running in either 2.4 or 5.0 GHz . I don't notice any drop off in connectivity or speed . I'm amazed that the people at Microsoft technical support people haven't been able to help you improve your so-called speed issue . Is the problem really your bandwidth or is it the SP3 ?

I use my SP3 as my desktop with a dual monitor daisychain setup plus the screen on the tablet I use the SP3as a tablet by itself and I use the SP3 as a notebook with the keypad attached .

All connected via Wi-Fi no problems whatsoever . And it is possible you may have a bad SP3 .

That being said I somehow think there's a connectivity issue either in the software set up in your SP3 or a possible bandwidth issue on your home network .

What kind of router do you have is it an older generation router or a NewGeneration router ?


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Two words: router firmware.
Another two words: Dead horse.

I grant you the wisdom to change that which you can and the serenity to accept that which you cannot.

Update your old 2.4 ghz router firmware. You cannot control other peoples routers but you can control your own.

If you have applied all the updates and the router firmware is up to date, this is a dead horse. No amount of beating a dead horse will help. Get a 5GHZ capable router and enjoy it.

Do or do not.


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Two words: router firmware.
I have to respectfully have to disagree. The issue doesn't lay with the router especially when it happens across multiple routers. Though really test and rule out the router would be to compare JUST the wifi speed against multiple devices which use wifi across the same spectrum. Such as setting up a laptop, desktop or server physically connected running an application like iperf to test the max speed they can achieve both from the SP3 and from a different device, say a laptop. If there is a limitation you should see it in all devices not just the SP3. From all my testings (I posted in the wifi issues thread) the issue is driver related, at least for some of us. this might be due to a different variant in chipset in the wifi adapters in our devices but when applying the firmware which updates the drivers breaks our adapter. I'm talking max speed is like 1.5 to 3mbps, strangely for me my upload speed isn't affected... but anyway, if the OP is having the issue and wants to confirm it isn't the router, do some testing of your own, there's nothing more frustrating than throwing money at a problem that doesn't fix it. Also just to clarify I'm using a UBNT wireless AC AP at home which is business class fully up to date. my other wifi devices were able to achieve much higher speeds than the SP3 until I rolled my drivers back.

just my .02
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