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Have you sent your SP4 back?


My Surface Pro 4 is no more, it died halfway through an important document. It has now gone back and I am now using an SP3 again.

Have you sent yours back? And why?


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Sent mine back today. First there was a big issue with the screen, and then while doing a reset it ended up in a boot loop. So returned it for refund and had a new one delivered today. This one is great :)


Yes. My first SP4 was a mess. MS Support worked on it for 4 hours and gave up. Exchanged for a new SP4 which is almost a dream to use, except for the occasional display driver crash.


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What is your lot number on the new SP4 you got? I have one from lot 1542 and it is a real stability nightmare...


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I'm sending mine back because they wouldn't let me get Microsoft Complete on my order xD... So I'm returning mine back, but first I placed a new order and they're sending me a new one (this time with MS Complete). My current model lot # is 1545 / 1724. I'll report on my new one this week when it arrives. xD

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