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Poll More Pen options?

Would you like to see more Pen options?

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Let's face it. Microsoft released a Professional product with an average pen/stylus. Problems with jitter, tapering, hover lag etc, makes Surface Pro 4 look weak for professional use by artists.

They jitter especially is a known issue that becomes more apparent when drawing slowly. I did a quick test of removing the nib and putting it back halfway in. Pen still works and registers pressure, but the jitter increased. It's clear that the field from the active pen is too weak for the digitizer to pick up, hence the "jitter", as it's trying to guess or triangulate the pen from a weaker field. A drained battery also increases jitter.

Microsoft has the advantage of using an active pen on a passive digitizer so they have every opportunity to release better pens for professional use, with stronger fields, but maybe with less battery life.

Would you pay for a professional more accurate pen if they released one?


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I'd like to see a pen for Surface book with a longer lasting battery - maybe one that charges while the Surface is being charged.
Or, something with an On and Off switch to make it last between six to twelve months with light use.
As an occasional user, my battery only lasts about two months, if I am lucky. Invariably, when I am ready to use it, the battery is dead and needs to be replaced.
personally, would like to see a pen that gets slid into the body of the tablet. At least maybe a 2nd pen like on the galaxy note or some of the dell laptops so you know its always there and can do basic functions of drawing/annotating etc. and not worry if the regular pen got detached. The magnet is strong, but not that strong.


I don't use a keyboard so I write a lot of text with my SP4. I would say that for people who draw it's a bit different than those who write text. I voted "I'm satisfied with the Surface Pen".


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Iwould like to see more flexibility with the current pen.
Change the double ckick to perform a different function if you are not usin g one note for example