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Having to double tap to left click on steam games?


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Anybody know a fix for this? Steam games I have tried to play are rogue legacy and dont starve and terraria but they are not very good to play when you have to double tap everything to left click. I dont really want to use a mouse if possible


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I asked the Developer about this for the game "Skulls of the Shogun" and he said that its not possible because they would have to re-code the game to work with touch input. I believe the simple fact is that these games are not coded for touch input so the mouse will not work with your finger the way we want (single touch click). Now, dont think this is the end all be all answer, but I was told that there is no way.. just my thoughts. :-( I was pretty upset as well because the Skulls of the Shogun for windows 8 app works great with touch!