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Heat issues and Undervolting


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Hello Ladies and Gents

I have recently bought a 15"SB2, I am pleased with it in many ways. The biggest problem being the CPU heat dissipation.
In general usage with only an application or two (ie web browser) the core temperature can start rising above the 80°C and have noted it peaking over 90°C with only 20-50% CPU load. At other times the

I have under-volted the CPU, though i have seen only minimal heat reduction from this step.

I was hoping to get some feedback from other owners of the 15" SB2 regarding heat characteristics of their computer.


Yes, I just downloaded Intel Power Gadget 3.5 and noticed right off the bat that while sitting at Package Pwr 20-22W, my idle temperature is fluctuating between 77C to as high as 97C. It seems to hover more in the 80's. Is that normal or did I buy a lemon? Maybe that's why my system starts throttling when I am using it for more intensive tasks?


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I'm not not sure what the story is with the 13" variant, but I belive i saw that its got no active cooling. If this is true, all I can recomend is an external fan to force some air over the screen (this is where the cpu is if you didn't know)

I wouldnt say that this is too far out the norm as I find my SB2 to run hotter than I'd like even on a medium load. As far as I can tell just a bad design descision to put a chip that can get hotter than the cooling can deal with.
On that note its seems like the power brick is also undersized for the amount the system pulls on full load.


After rebooting and running HWMonitor, my CPU temps while just browsing the web seem to be more normal. I'm averaging between 55-65 now.
Yes, i also have a little heating problem with my surface laptop but only after continuous use for 1 hr or more. But, by rebooting it and allowing laptop to rest for 5 mins, it get cool easily. ;)
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