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How to make the i5/i7 SP4 fanless

Yeah but most importantly I could never get the 8gb of ram with an m3. That along with the 256gb ssd were the things that drove me to buy this one. And honestly after reducing the % to 70% it's as cool and quite as a m3 ;)


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I tax the crap out of mine. Fan i got used to, so i don't care much. I hate typing on my phone, gotta go use thr surface. Lok


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I use Chrome with h264ify extension installed, especially for watching youtube videos. I have cpu offset to -100 mV and graphics offset to -70 mV with cpu max state on battery at 80%. I don't hear fans at all which I love about. I was originally planning to get another type of tablet powered by a Core M7 cpu -- even though it's less powerful but as long as won't give fan noise. But now with these tweaks, I'm quite happy.

The only time I hear fan noise is when the cpu reaches 50 C which is when I tested a league of legends game one time. I can even run an Android emulator and a virtual machine in virtualbox without hearing a fan at all.
I also noticed that the fan does run but in low speeds sometimes which makes it almost silent as well. I would prefer not to heat my tablet anyway but hey I can live with that as long as it's once every now and then.

After some regular use I decided to put it to the test. As I stated previously I use the maximum CPU state value of 70% when on battery. So far no fan at all and running as cool as ever.

Today I opened:
Edge 3 tabs (twitter, facebook, youtube - playing a HD video)
Movies and TV app (video paused)
Task Manager + Resource Manager
And finally I opened the Google App and went to Maps and while all the above were running I was doing some intense zooming in and out multiple times and switched from maps to sattelite images and vice versa in order to recreate what made my fan go wild the last time (minus the youtube and movies and settings and task manager :D )
NO FAN at all. Device warmed up just a bit but that was it. The CPU was maxing 72% then dropping then up again everytime I was zooming in and out etc. But no fan came on and device was running brilliantly .

From my experience changing the max processor state value is tottally worth it so I encourage anyone who is interested in making his device fanless to give it a try.

P.S. 70% of 2.5 gives you a max speed of 1.75 which to me it made no difference to the performance.
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I started noticing that my fan was coming on, but after some trial-and-error, I discovered it was always when either I had Chrome running or the Spotify desktop program. Since I listen to music on my Amazon Echo, I really had no use for Spotify on my Surface, so I got rid of it, and now I'm exclusively using Edge as my browser...and no more fan noise.