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hello from a SP2 user, soon to be a SP4 or SB user! :D


Hello Everyone,

I am a yacht designer who roughly three months ago bought a Surface Pro 2 (second hand) to see how it is like to draw on it on the go, and I actually noticed that I use it more often than my 3 years old maxed out Macbook Pro 15 inch Retina and Intuos 4. It is actually pretty fun and I really like it! I am surprised with it's performance and also regretting how I didn't try them before! I am 29 years old and I use my SP2 (for now) only for sketching since the one I found has limited harddisk, I have 64 gb space and 4 gb ram. (bought it in Turkey, I live in Turkey and here they arent selling SP, so I had a very narrow choice) But so far so good! I have some questions about the upgrade that I want to do now that I know that I really like these as a drawing/painting and also computing solution, (SP4 or SB) so I will post a thread in the according board.

I have been reading the forum posts actually since about 4 months, but sometimes I wasn't able to find the questions or the answers that I was curious of, so this was the time to register and join you guys!